Selecting a Wedding Insurance Policy

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Planning for your wedding is fun and exciting; however it can also be stressful. The main reason that many get stressed and anxious about their big day is because they worry that all the components and items purchased and arranged may not come together on the day resulting in a not so perfect event. This is why taking out a wedding insurance policy is important, you will not only receive piece of mind but you will also prevent thousands of dollars being lost on several non-refundable items and services that have been booked. So how does it all work and what is covered? Here is a quick guide to what the different areas are within wedding insurance policies:

-Wedding Attire

For many brides their main and most important item on their wedding planning list is their dress and their bridesmaids outfits, grooms will also have there and their ushers attire high on their priority list. Areas covered include outfits not arriving on the day of the wedding or damaged when they are delivered at no fault of the policy holder.

-Policy for Food/ Catering

Your reception and wedding dinner is one area of your wedding that is very much looked forward to by guests and the newlywed couple, it is also one area of a wedding that can be very costly even when things do go smoothly. Many insurance policies do not automatically cover catering, therefore it is advised to check your policy fully, and if this isn’t covered then speak to your insurance agent about including it. Areas a food policy will cover include the wrong food being delivered, no show of caterers and cancellations made by the caterer.

-Weather Policy

Recent trends are showing that people are now beginning to be more adventurous when it comes to their weddings. Therefore it is becoming increasingly common for wedding ceremonies and receptions to be held outdoors. If you plan on having the whole or a section of your wedding outdoors, then again check that your insurance provider covers this. It is also worth noting that weddings held in summer months may be cheaper to insure than in winter months, due to the risk of the weather affecting ones day being less. Areas usually covered in weather policies for weddings include cancellation of a wedding due to weather such as storms or even a tornado.


The final area that should be included in an insurance policy for weddings is to cover losses should the whole wedding be cancelled. Although the personal disappointment of one’s wedding being cancelled cannot be compensated for easily taking out insurance can certainly compensate for monies lost. This is probably the most important area that should be included in your insurance policy, as all those deposits and advance payments to book items such as a DJ for your reception, cars, suit hire and food cannot usually be returned if you cancel on the day, whereas insurance will compensate for this.


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